Hokushin area

    Designated traditional craft items designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • …Iiyama Buddhist altar is a unique technique "Keikki Kimono (Hijiki-kumimono)" is made.
  • Uchiyama Paper…The manufacturing method making use of heavy snow called snow roaring produces strong paper, and soft whiteness has the property of not being easily sunburned.
  • Shinshu Cutlery…It has an extremely thin steel part of 1/6 of the whole scythe, and it has been devised for durability and usability as well as sharpness.
  • Governor of Nagano Prefecture Designation traditional crafts

  • Akiyama Wooden Bowl…It is a beautiful wooden bowl with woodgrain pattern using Toshi produced in Shinshu's first heavy snowy place Akiyama Township.
  • Yokokura Kiri Geta…Clogs that are made in Sakae-village are made of light and hard paulownia tree, which is peculiar to snowy areas.
  • Sukagawa Bamboo Work…It is a practical bamboo worker using root bending bamboo growing naturally in Shiga Kogen.
  • Akebi Craftsmanship…Toys and baskets have been made as side jobs during the early Edo period to the winter period.
  • Shinshu hand-painted Yuuzen…It is rare Yuzen dye all over the country drawing with natural dyes boiled from grass and tree bark.
  • Matsushiro Pottery…It is a pottery characterized by "blue pouring" by china with a lot of iron and natural glaze.
  • Sakae-mura Tsugura…I will make rice straw by hand knitting. Besides "cat-tsugura", there are types such as "bobo-tsugura".