Matsushiro Pottery~松代焼

Everything was produced by a promotion of Matsushiroi feudal clan extensively centering on Matsushiro area in the Edo Period latter period about 200 years ago, and was an abandoned kiln after that in a Showa early stage, but rehabilitation has been achieved in 1965 's.
Modeling which is to glaze two layers and do and is simple, the texture and the luster of the peculiar leek-green which used local clay with a lot of iron for kaoline and compounded ash, white clay and copper by the natural material are being taken out. The glaze put on the mouth begins to melt in the kiln, and the "blue sink" which drops is also done, and everything is different from the shade in the shape even similarly.
The tableware and the vase I tend to use by daily life are producing a wide product as the pottery which represents Hokushin area.