Akiyama Wooden Bowl~秋山木鉢

Akiyama village is the heavy snowfall area where even Shinshu is most, and there are many wildwoods of a horse chestnut and a beech in the environment capable of acquisition of the material necessary to carpenter items. The living articles in Kibachi which becomes a mixing bowl when making noodles and soba, were being produced from the end time of the Edo Period using the horse chestnut produced richly in localness.
A process does offal completion by a hand ax and a plane, and it's a stem, it'll do nothing but be long and it's completed carefully. There is a feature in large items by a large diameter tree, and later like a ripple mark of butterfly NA and a chisel harmonizes with the design of the eye and the luster of the horse chestnut, and beautifully, I'm having the simple flavor.