Araragi Japanese Cypress Hat~蘭桧笠

Main in an instant in the orchid district of Nagiso-machi where is said that technique was conveyed (Kanbun 2) from Hida in a year in 1662, and there are few cultivated areas; became industrial, and boasted of nearly 1 million pieces of amount of production in ten a year tens of thousands of pieces, golden age in the Meiji era in that time.
An umbrella, a keeping off the sun light shade are made by a technique of the knitting by hand processing to watch an assortment, and to do "Hide" which cut local Kiso hinoki into a a strip of paper form.
A lifestyle changes after the war, and the demand decreased, but a handmade good point by the traditional technique is reviewed now and gathers popularity as a practical use shade and personal ornaments led by a wife basket hotel, the tourists such as horse basket hotels and a mountain climbing visitor of Mount Ontake.