Chushin area

    Designated traditional craft items designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • Kiso lacquerware…Rugged lacquerware is made by using rust soil rich in iron.
  • Shinshu Tsumugi…The fabrics made in various places in Nagano prefecture are collectively called Shinshu Tsumugi.
  • Matsumoto Furniture…All of them are made by deciduous Takagi, domestically produced in Japan, with Mizzakiza as the main material
  • Nagiso Awara Workmaker…Grinding hardwood trees with wood grain such as zelkova, tochi, sennoki, wigwort growing in the Kiso Valley, and dishes and vases are made.
  • Governor of Nagano Prefecture Designation traditional crafts

  • Narai Magemono…It is a feature that is light and durable using good quality Kiso cypress.
  • Araragi Japanese Cypress Hat…It is made with braided Kiso Hinoki cut into strips and it is light and water resistant so it is the best shade for sun shade and rainfall.
  • Oroku Comb…Approximately 100 teeth were grinded about 3 widths The small combs of tears were popular as souvenirs from the Edo period.
  • Kiso Woodworking…Box items, barrels etc are made of Kiso Go tree (Hinoki, Sawara, Asunaro, Koyamaki, Nezuko) as a material.
  • White Birch Crafts…Products produced by hand carving white birch trees naturally growing in Nagano prefecture are receiving designation of traditional crafts.
  • Shinshu Pine Furnitures…It is warm and practical furniture using Larch trees from Nagano Prefecture with clear wood and soft texture.
  • Other traditional crafts

  • Kiso Koma…It is an lucky piece produced in Kiso district, with the beautiful color of the front and behind leaving the old form of the ema that placed "left horse".
  • Seba Pottery…As a characteristic feature of the burning, it is said that many grains of fine stone powder are sprinkled from the floating mouth to the shoulder on the surface of the instrument, and a white glaze with a yellowish tinge is applied on the black glaze.
  • Matsumoto Stamp Drawing Doll…Odyssey's seeds made in the Matsumoto region. Once in this district it was indispensable for a festival as to say chicks like a pencil drawing chicks.
  • Omikinokuchi…It is said that we call fortune by putting together bamboo workpieces braided into the shape of a god of cruelty, such as a god of omen, in a mouth of Tokuuri in pairs.
  • Indigo Stamp Dye…The cloth that takes into consideration the natural environment not using chemicals is characterized by vivid indigo colors.
  • Matsumoto Broom…The fragrance of broiled grass and supple and durable broom is suitable not only for the room but also for flooring and other cleaning.
  • ※※Other traditional craft items are posted only to member companies of "Nagano Prefecture Traditional Craft Industry Promotion Council".