Shinshu Tsumugi~信州紬

In Shinshu, sericulture was more prosperous than ancient times, and, after the Meiji era, spinning business developed as a key industry, and a spinning factory was frequent in Okaya, Suwa, Matsumoto, Hitoshi Ueda. I did the silkworms which were hard to make raw silk in a sericulture farmhouse to silk floss and I spun it and came to weave it, and a production center of the sericulture just became the textile production center. As the use of the common people was accepted in the Edo era, this silk pongee things spread as everyday wear widely.
I put the pongee which developed in "Ueda pongee", "Matsumoto pongee", "Iida pongee", the various places in prefecture including "the Ina pongee" together and am called "Shinshu pongee". Dyeing by "the dyeing with vegetable dyes" using various plant dye growing wild in each place is active, and the Japanese oakworm moth (sky silkworm) bred again in a forest of Oak tree of the Azumino area brings on the unique texture that there is not in other production centers.