Shinshu Cutlery~信州打刃物

When the sword maker who came and went this place repairs sword kinds of arms in middle term of the 16th century and Kawanakajima battle, and people in Sato acquire Kaji's work through this help, it's said that they struck a necessary sickle as a farm implement.
The technology a sword maker brought was taken by craftsmen in generation after generation over and polished through, and the factor who practiced division of labor in production and sale was established the latter period in Meiji Period, and a market expanded nationwide.
Discipline by traditional work and uniform quench-and-temper processing are done, and there are moderate hardness and stickiness, and it can be used to sharpen by a whetstone more lengthily. A width of tooth is wide and tough and a sickle receives the evaluation easy to use by the processing of "lawn bill" which can warp the part put in the pattern.

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