Matsumoto Furniture~松本家具


I still follow a design of furniture used at European and American home now 50 rest of life ago when a tatami mat and the life of the tatami-room table were natural, and the design that the West type furniture that let a craftsman of Matsumoto having a technique of the high Japanese style furniture in the ground of classic Matsumoto of the eminent furniture production make even the whole country declining in those days is beautiful and was completed is reliable made, and West type furniture of the Japanese style for the Japanese whom the innocent material which adds to taste whenever I pass through a year and current people cannot help loving, it are Matsumoto furniture.

It was old, and the history of the furniture of Matsumoto had the history more than 300 years and boasted of production of the number one in Japan sum furniture in last years of Taisho era. However, the state was observed Mr. Muneyoshi Yanagi who visited the place of Matsumoto directly in those days, and, as for the decline, the debt was able to close at all in it remarkably after the Pacific War. And the recovery of classic crafts of Matsumoto is desired earnestly as a part of the new work folk handicraft campaign and I intend to meet the hope of the teacher in 1948 and do profit in outside of consideration in spite of being poor ability, and it is a beginning of Matsumoto furniture that I intend to exercise, and started cabinetry.

The Matsumoto furniture necessarily mechanizes it, and I pay my attention to human life and character itself of furniture adhering most without settling, and the part which is necessary at all for a thing of the human being absence so that it is not produces the modernization only for economic efficiency by handwork as much as possible. In addition, I do not create novel things about the design at random either, and it is whetted in the history having a long it by many people and respects a traditional design of the east and west which continued being loved again and designs it in the form that accorded with modern life while repeating the study. And it may be said that it is a point specific again that there were Shoji Hamada, Kanjiro Kawai, the great help of many guides including the Bernard reach.
And I count 2,000 kinds now when I match the variation to 800 kinds, the associate regular in conjunction with it only with a regular product. It is only a thing used for life as a thing of the senses that the most are still new.

Characteristic of the Matsumoto folk handicraft furniture

As for the material, zelkova, horse chestnut, all including the Japanese oak are produced as main materials in Betula grossa by fallen leaves Takagi from Japan.
In 1974, I received designation as "Matsumoto furniture" to "a traditional industrial art object" of the then Ministry of International Trade and Industry designation ahead of the whole country in the field of the furniture. "The Matsumoto furniture" is many traditional sum furniture of the historical Matsumoto district, and it is made by the technique of various complicated tree groups. It is produced as one variation of the Matsumoto furniture, and this technique is made use of in a product of all Matsumoto furniture regardless of Kazuhiro again now.
The painting is lacquer, the lacquer painting and is finished all by hand coating. When it becomes lacquer finish, I hang time more than 13 times and paint carefully and am repeated by normal lacquer finish eight times.
It is deep so that person each to use without only with full-scale combination with Japanese Japanese furniture and the Western expression furniture, durable consumer goods disposable at all embezzles it, and genuine furniture that there is few it now which I can use with attachment and it which it is new, and let you hold a slightly, however, good old sense more than the times are Matsumoto furniture.

Production process

I use zelkova, Japanese oak, stopper, horse chestnut, all domestic Deciduous tree including the maple for the main material in Betula grossa.
Nature dries the materials which I saw it, and were distributed by sawing to thickness in the outdoors. The thing made goods in open air storage for ten years in 5 is not rare with the thing which is long for at least one year. In that way I make more artificial drying on natural dried materials, and the materials which were able to blunder of the habit do a seasoning well for approximately one month to bring it close to a state to use as furniture. 
 When the drawing of the Matsumoto furniture which is written all one by one by handwriting has a look at it, based on enormous documents, it is like the sketching at all, but is written all in an important thing. There is every promise in the production in the head of the craftsman.
At first a converting timber craftsman examines a right person closely and prepares materials and while an assembling craftsman confirms one one with a palm by various techniques, a tool afterwards, an alone craftsman takes responsibility for a material by finish, again various tradition methods of construction and assembles it to one furniture. The signature engraved into the other side of the furniture is the thought "to want you to use it for a long time" of the craftsman and proof of the oaths "to take responsibility for work".
The tool which there must be in making furniture. Whenever new work is given, I make a tool with oneself. I can make a tool and am finally a fledgling. There are nearly 100 kinds even plane and knows the one-year term with the number of tools of the plan immediately.
The furniture of completed cloth is entrusted to the hand of the painting craftsman from there, and the last finish is given. The painting has two kinds of the painting and the lacquer painting to plaster lacquer and I paint more than at least eight times by hand coating carefully and am repeated by longtime use both to become more beautiful.
Glass, metal fittings are sometimes given, and the furniture finished painting reaches completion once, but the cabinet-maker is embezzled than it more with dozens of years, and at last the brightness thinks about increased, untying it more with time of the completion of the furniture.