Kyoshin Co., Ltd.

  Kyoshin Co.,Ltd.
Takeshi Gomi
  30,000 Thousand yen
4475-3 Nakasu, Suwa-shi,Nagano
PostCode 392-0015
TEL 0266-52-3391 FAX 0266-52-3314
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all types of solenoids, iron valve cores, precision machining & stamping

We are an enterprise that proposes ideas designed to meet the demands of a new era. By substituting stamping for one segment of machining, as well as substituting calking for performing ASSY(crimping) different materials fabrication, we're facing the challenge of cutting costs and reducing energy consumption.
Using processing methods based on a great number of automated lathes and dedicated machines we aim to reduce costs, speed up delivery dates, and improve product quality in compliance with ISO guidelines. Our goal is to earn the reputation as a company that provides true convenience to our clients.