Kanematsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  Kanematsu Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Yasutaka Uematsu
  16,000 Thousand yen
4710 Nakasu, Suwa-shi,Nagano
PostCode 392-0015
TEL 0266-52-1942 FAX 0266-58-8420
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nosehair trimmer & earpick manufacture and sales
viscometers, pollution measuring instruments, air compressors, related parts manufacturing & assembly
  Following our company's unique product development, from manufacture through assembly we produce nosehair trimmers, earpicks, the viscometers "Visco Tester" (Models 03 & 04), and headband parts for auditory testing equipment for worldwide export. We also deal in such areas as advanced compound processing and difficult-to-machine materials.