Our entire industrial park is making a sincere effort to realize the aim of a profitable and "zero-emission" work setting, as well as municipal planning based closely on local needs which can provide recreational facilities for community residents. We intend to achieve this goal by setting aside a monthly Environmental Maintenance Day to carry out the following environmental conservation and clean-up operations.


  • In conjunction with comprehensive improvements to the industrial park's drainage system, we lined some of the complex's internal roads with planted trees, then named and signed them according to the variety of tree, such as "Cherry Tree Street", "Willow Street", and "Sycamore Street".
  • We created a park area called "Metasequoia Garden", named for the tree (deciduous, height 25-30m, outer circumference 2-3m) which fills this space and is the symbol of our complex. The park itself contains features such as planted trees, an arbor, and circular benches.
  • We conduct internal and external promotions campaigns for environmental awareness, including the use of billboards incorporating works from regional junior high school visual art clubs.

The above facilities can be used as walking paths or event sites by all the companies in the industrial park, work colleagues, local residents, various citizens' organizations.