What is Traditional Crafting?

Traditional crafts (literary crafts) are arts and crafts that used techniques and techniques that have been handed down for many years. Crafts made using traditional crafts are called traditional crafts.
There are some which the country (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry) designates and the one which the prefecture (governor) designates.

Designation criteria of traditional crafts.

  1. Mainly to be used for daily life.
  2. The main part of its manufacturing process is handcrafted.
  3. Must be manufactured by traditional techniques or techniques.
  4. The raw material that has been used traditionally is used as the main raw material and it must be manufactured.
  5. Not a small number of persons in a certain area doing their manufacture or engaging in the manufacture thereof.

There are many harsh conditions to get certified.

Difference between traditional craftwork and folk cultural property.

Both traditional crafts and folk cultural properties have in common that they continue to make things that have been transmitted from olden times, but if the designated techniques / techniques and materials are used and handmade, designs and shapes have long since existed Even if it is not the thing, it will be a traditional craft item.
Meanwhile, folk cultural properties are important to continue making things that have been transmitted from long ago, so if you change design or shape, it will no longer be a folk cultural asset.
Designation criteria for traditional craft items 1. "Mainly used for daily life" and 5. "There are not many people making their production in certain areas" are traditional crafts and folk It can be said that it is a big difference between cultural properties.