Nagano prefecture Farmer Art~長野県農民美術

Because it is touched by the artworks which rural beauty is rich in with the simplicity that a Russian farmer made, and Western picture painter Kanae Yamamoto of the Taisho period spreads it in a farm village of Shinshu where the climate climate resembles, what opened the class in Kamikawa-mura, Chiisagata-gun (existing Ueda-shi) does it by an opening.
It is wooden sculpture handicrafts created in the farm village, and it is produced using the material such as Magnolia hypoleuca, the wig mainly under the theme of local nature and climate by hand-carving.
Rich nature of Shinshu, simple completion build it up; is proudhearted, and is wide to upholstery, furniture, an accessory, the accessories which reflected preference and the lifestyle of people, and, as for the work which came from a folkcraft, is got close to many people by a high art industrial art object of the artistry.