History of establishment.

With the Nagano Prefecture Traditional Craft Industry Promotion Council, we aim to raise the awareness of promotion by mutual research consultation about the problems (such as successor problem) of traditional craft goods producing areas in Nagano Prefecture, It was launched on April 1, 1985 in order to contribute to the development of the craft industry.
Traditional craft items in Nagano prefecture as of March 2017, seven items designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and 18 items designated by the governor of Nagano Prefecture. As an important industry supporting regional economy and society, unions and business operators of each production area, while inheriting traditional techniques, repeatedly devised ingenuity, tradition that is popular in modern life, loved by many people We aim to develop into crafts.


In fiscal 2016, we will implement the activities of this council under the following officer system.
We appreciate your understanding in the activity content and cooperate.

Title title Name Item name
Chairman Haruhide Kubota Shinshu Tsumugi
Vice-president Mototami Ikeda Matsumoto furniture
Vice-president Cyuuzo Tokutake Nagano prefecture farmer art
Auditor Kunihiro Ookoura Nagiso Awara Workmaker
Auditor Hisao Tanaka Sukagawa bamboo work


From June 9, 2015, the secretariat of this council will be appointed to the Nagano Prefecture Federation of Small Business Organizations
We decided to consign it.
Accordingly, regarding inquiries to this council,
Please contact the Nagano Prefecture Small and Medium Business Organization Foundation Association.

●Nagano Prefecture Traditional Craft Industry Promotion Council Secretariat
Nagano Prefecture Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises Organizations Collaboration Development Department Development Section.
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●Nagano Prefecture Traditional Craft Industry Promotion Council.
Chairman:Haruhide Kubota
Kubota syoku-sen Industrial Co., Ltd.
TEL:+81-265-83-2202 FAX:+81-265-83-2204

●Nagano Prefecture Traditional Craft Industry Promotion Council Regional Office.
Komagane-city Industry Division Commerce and Industry Tourism Division Industry Division.
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