Toyoda Diecast Co., Ltd.

  Toyoda Diecast Co., Ltd.
Hidemi Kitahara
  20,200 Thousand yen
4771 Nakasu, Suwa-shi,Nagano
PostCode 392-0015
TEL 0266-52-2459 FAX 0266-52-2311
  Factory No. 2,Factory No. 3(in Industrial Park)and Die Factory(Suwa-Shi Toyoda)
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parts for applications such as: small motorized pumps, optics, automobiles, gearcases, electronics, office equipment, disaster prevention equipment
  We aim to achieve reduced production times through the use of high-performance equipment and metal die unitization while keeping our costs low. In-house design and manufacture of our metal dies allows us to provide clients with shortened delivery times, wide product variety, and small-lot production.