Nihon Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  Nihon Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Hajime Hama
  99,500 Thousand yen
4750 Nakasu, Suwa-shi,Nagano
PostCode 392-0015
TEL 0266-53-3400 FAX 0266-53-9200
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machining and assembly of ultra-high-precision machine parts
machined parts for printers, copiers, audio/video, measuring instruments, hard-disk drives, etc.
secondary processing using dedicated centerless grinding machines
design, production and sales of dedicated equipment
  Since our founding over a half a century ago in 1950 we have been manufacturing machined parts for precision electrical and electronic devices. The establishment of our quality assurance system and constant efforts to improve our technological ability have allowed us to respond to the needs of a wide variety of clients.
We entrust post-processing and treatment only to superior makers who meet the criteria of our strict inspections. We have adopted a complete system that allows us to fulfill our customers' expectations
In addition, we have been quick to focus our attention on the globalization of the marketplace and establish 3 overseas manufacturing sites. As for our quality assurance system, both our headquarters and overseas operations are certified ISO9002-compliant, taking our organization one level higher.
We can manufacture machined products in configurations ranging from 0.5mm to 20mm in diameter. We process such materials as free machining steel (SUM), stainless steel (SUS303, 304, 416, 430, 420J2), soft iron (SUYB), brass, phosphoric bronze, and beryllium. At present, we are taking on the challenge of processing such difficult-to-machine materials as Ni-CO alloy and SUS316, while striving to further establish our technological know-how.