NPS Corporation

  NPS Co., Ltd.
Taizo Shibue
  10,000 Thousand yen
4789-10 Nakasu, Suwa-shi,Nagano
PostCode 392-0015
TEL 0266-52-1735 FAX 0266-52-0804
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precision parts processing using Swiss-made automated lathes
  "An endless pursuit of technological advance at the lowest possible cost !"
NPS's ultra-high precision parts machining has made the production of materials from 0.5mm in diameter our forte. Our daily efforts in researching and pursuing new techologies allow us to respond closely to our clients' needs.
Cost reductions based on 24-hour operation and the use of coiled materials
Savings in the cost of our products has become a reality thanks to several factors: 1) the use of coiled materials 2) reductions in time spent on exchanging materials, as well as reductions in edge materials 3) reductions in process cycle time as well as in raw materials cost.
"Special features of NPS processed metal products !"
ultra-high precision parts made from materials as small as 0.5mm in diameter.
product types such materials as stainless (including SUS303, SUS416, SUS420FA), free machining steel, and brass.
We invite you to consult with us on the low cost of our machined products.