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Sakaki-cho has many companies which continue development of advanced technology and originality description, and attracts attention also from inside and outside by peculiar company accumulation and technical capabilities.
It is "the techno heart Sakaki cooperative which the company group which has the same mind in it gathered and launched."
The special group of various "craftsmanship" converged on one, and has challenged the measure which forms the future of the manufacturing industry of tomorrow's Japan also to the type of industry and the form.

* This area is in basin, and has lots of green and mountains, near Chikuma river between Zenko-ji plain and Ueda basin.
* Our place is famous that we accumulate many industries in one place.
* We just started action with making a cooperative association that contains 116 manufacturing industries of different types of business.
* Industrialists who prepare to make future industry structure play an active.
* Member is from each industrial. To make one product, each company cooperates together, like a conveyer.

The main product and processed goods which a partner builds

Injection molding machine  construction machinery  transport plane machine Machine only for
peripheral equipment  measurement apparatus  communication facility  audio equipment
OA equipment  optical apparatus  stirrer  steel-materials various cutting
electronic components  semiconductor parts  metallic mold work  Plastic fabrication
jigs & tools work  steel materials  surface treatment  Spring  food flexible tube
labeling and packaging materials  medical-supplies ・・・ etc.

In Sakaki, there are a lot of companies which are developing advanced and creative techniques, so we are focused an attentions on unique company accumulation and technical skill.Is these situation, companies which have same hope made a start Techno heart SAKAKI cooperative association」,and built a link production system, 「Planning > Design > Material > Process > Finishing > Products > Inspection > Delivery」,we do make high quality products smoothly.

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